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Pendleton Pythons

Pendleton pythons is the place for quality captive bred ball pythons

Hello I'm Heath founder CEO and poop curator of Pendleton pythons. 

The collection we have been building over many years was selective, knowing we wanted to provide hands on quality care of the animals but still needing the base morphs for our projects, we acquired a  total of 26 snakes and held back 20 of our babies produced  and continue to add new morphs each year.

 There are many  species I see the big breeders working with that have caught my interest but I intend on sticking with the ball python, to me it has the perfect size and temperament for a pet snake. With well over a thousand morphs to choose from and growing. Ball pythons offer endless breeding combinations which will allow me to take my own direction in the future.

For those of you who have never owned a pet snake it may seem strange. It is a different relationship than you have with a dog or cat. It's harder for people to see their personalities at first, having no eyelids or facial expressions, But if you give them a chance I assure you they each have one. Most people keeping snakes developed a strong reptile interest at a young age. I was five when I saw my first garter snake in eastern Washington from that point on I have had a fascination with reptiles.

 I can't imagine an easier animal to keep, only eating once a week. They also don't cause allergy problems like dogs and cats do. Even if you don't keep snakes I hope you can still find the beauty in these animals.

 I have been keeping reptiles for 30 years and ten of those years was devoted to a green iguana rescue. I had a large room in my house set up for free range iguanas. My vet would call me when one of these big lizards was reported or  in need a home. My lizard room quickly filled up and for ten years that was my hobby. I love iguanas and keeping them was like looking into the prehistoric past, by the end of my ten years I had found homes for the iguanas. When my rescue room was empty that's when I decided to convert a my rescue into a ball python room. 

 I grew up in Anacortes WA. a small town on the coast about two hours north of Seattle. I spent 18 years there till my family packed up and moved down to Pendleton OR.  After a year living in Pendleton I Joined the Navy and for the next five years toured the world. 

Life after the Navy brought me back to Pendleton where I was married and decided to settle down. During all this time reptiles were the only thing constant in my life. The decision to start breeding ball pythons should have been an obvious one but it took me until I was 34 years old to figure out that this is what I wanted to do. I would love to make a living doing this but this is just a hobby. 

Even though I have been keeping reptiles all my life and have had many different breeding project over the years. I however am new to the industry of it all. I had no idea the hobby had gotten so huge. Where every one now gets all their information off websites and forums. I have been relying on books for the last 20 years. Like websites and forums books can be lined up two by two one contradicting the other, and over time I learned the information I could trust. I have only had access to the internet for the last five years so I have a lot of catching up to do. 

Thank you for visiting my website please drop me a line and tell me what you think I would love to hear from you.