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Pendleton Pythons 

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 I started Pendleton Pythons in 2004. I acquired a  total of 26 snakes mostly base morphs with a few hets mixed in. It wasn't long before that population doubled and even less time before it doubled again. Reptiles have always been a fascination of mine catching a glimpse of a snake or lizard outside as a child usually lead to an hour long chase. When I finally figured out how to catch them it was usually short lived, my parents would never let me keep them. That is probably the reason I have so many in my collection today. I love garter snakes, western fence lizards, newts and turtles. All of the animals I grew up finding locally but when I held my first ball python I was hooked and at that time purchasing an albino was the end all be all of my existence. I had no idea I was just scratching the surface of the infinite combinations available in the ball python community. Every snake that I hatch out is met with the same excitement as the first. 

I replace my breeders each year with multi-gene animals. Preventing the production of normal or wild type is important to me the market is flooded with them as it is. I produce a diverse selection without over producing any one gene. I also try to add new genes from trusted breeders each year this helps me stay competitive and I love hatching out animals no one else has seen before. With the wide range of morphs available today hatching new combos takes place each year by many breeders.

With more multi-gene animals in my collection I also breed less each year. Only aiming for projects I want to keep in my collection. Selling off the remainder of the clutches offering my customers beautiful animals. In some cases animals no one else has for sale.