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Pendleton Pythons

Pendleton pythons is the place for quality captive bred ball pythons

I started Pendleton Pythons in 2004 with my wife knowing we wanted to provide hands on quality care of the animals we acquired a  total of 26 snakes. mostly base morphs with a few hets mixed in.

 Ball pythons offer endless breeding combinations which will allow me to take my own direction each breeding season. I don't have the most cutting edge morphs but my interest is in perfecting what I do have and adding new morphs every year holding the best examples back improving my collection and offspring I have for sale.

For those of you who have never owned a pet snake it may seem strange. It is a different relationship than you have with a dog or cat. It's harder for people to see their personalities at first, having no eyelids or facial expressions, But if you give them a chance I assure you they each have one. Most people keeping snakes developed a strong reptile interest at a young age. I was five when I saw my first garter snake in eastern Washington from that point on I have had a fascination with reptiles.

 I can't imagine an easier animal to keep, only eating once a week. They also don't cause allergy problems like dogs and cats do. Even if you don't keep snakes I hope you can still find the beauty in these animals.

 I have been keeping reptiles for 30 years and ten of those years was devoted to a green iguana rescue. I had a large room in my house set up for free range iguanas. My vet would call me when one of these big lizards was reported or  in need a home. My lizard room quickly filled up and for ten years that was my hobby. I love iguanas and keeping them was like looking into the prehistoric past, by the end of my ten years I had found homes for the iguanas. When my rescue room was empty that's when I decided to convert a my rescue into a ball python breeding facility. My first year of production was amazing I get excited every year with every clutch just like the first.