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This is my method for breeding ball pythons I have read many different opinions on this topic. I write here what works for me, I don't consider myself an expert but this has worked well. Starting in November I slowly drop my room tempature over a period of two weeks till it reaches 80 degree for maximum day time temp. And 75 degrees for a maxium low night time temp. I do not alter my basking (hotspot) tempature at all, it stays the same year round with a slight drop in the evening. By December 3rd I start introducing males into female tubs. Along with introducing the males, I also give them a good misting. Males stay in with females for three days with two days off for food and rest. Not all my males take food during breeding season but I still offer once a week. Females I offer food twice a week until they stop accepting. I continue to introduce males until ovulation is observed. Keeping and eye on the weather is a good idea during breeding season. I have had great sucess with lockups during a storms. They seem to respond to the pressure change. I keep this going till march when I raise the tempature back to 85 day and 75 night. By mid April if the females have not shown signs of ovulation I stop introducing males As they have decided to take the season off. Not all females will breed each year even if you do everything correct. Still some just don't develop follicles. I hope this helps with any breeding questions if not please call of email me any time.