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Pendleton Pythons

Pendleton pythons is the place for quality captive bred ball pythons

Temperature and Humidity

I keep my snake room temp at 85 during the day with a temperature drop to 80 at night using Helix thermostats. I have a humidifier in the room that keeps the room at 75% humidity. I use freedom breeder racks for all my adult breeders they have flex watt heat tape on the back end of the rack, giving them a hotspot of 90 during the day with a 3 degree drop at night.


If your not breeding your pet ball python they only need to eat once a week. I feed all my snakes live rats that equal the girth of the largest part of the snake. As the snake grows so do the rats I feed to them. Its never a good idea to leave a live rat in with the snake unattended. If you are breeding you may want to feed twice a week as breeding female need a fat reserve in order to reproduce.


I quarantine all my new snakes from the main breeding group for at least a year. I don't know if this overkill or not but I prefer to play it safe with my collection, as well as snakes I plan to sell. I owe it to the people who buy from me to be certain the animals are in perfect health.