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Pendleton Pythons 

 is the place for quality captive bred ball pythons   541-966-1103 


I keep my snake room temp at 85 during the day with a temperature drop to 80 at night using Helix thermostats. With a humidifier in the room that keeps the room at 75% humidity. I use freedom breeder racks for all my adult breeders they have flex watt heat tape on the back end of the rack, giving them a hot spot of 90 during the day with a 3 degree drop at night.


If your not breeding your pet ball python they only need to eat once a week (adults) Twice a week (hatchling) . I feed all my snakes live rats that equal the girth of the largest part of the snake. As the snake grows so do the rats I feed to them. Its never a good idea to leave a live rat in with the snake unattended.

When your snake arrives 

You should already have an enclosure set up to correct temperature and humidity before purchasing. That being said when your snake arrives via FedEx its a good idea to leave them alone for the first two week until they adjust and have taken food. The shipping process can stress the animals a great deal that's why it is a good idea to give them time to adjust and eat before handling. Don't worry if your ball python doesn't eat right away,it is common for them to refuse food from time to time. Especially when just being shipped across the country and put in a new environment. That's why I don't sell snake with only two meals in them. If you purchased a baby snake here They have had five good meals before I put them up for sale. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me I will be happy to help.